ComicCon@Home: Bob’s Saturday 7/25 Panels reviewed

Saturday of ComicCon@Home is complete.   Another 11 panels today to bring my 3-day total to 33!  I have blown away my previous 4-day total of “panels viewed” and I have another day to go PLUS extra Hollywood panels! 

As I mentioned in past blogs, during the day I’ve been focusing my panels on comic books, today I only did one Hollywood panel in the evening that was kind of a comic book crossover, so I’m adding it to today’s comic book total (the Marvel’s Storyboards/Cup of Joe panel).  I’ll put out reviews of all my Hollywood panels in a separate blog after my Sunday comic book focused blog is published.

Bob’s Recommended Saturday “Must See” Panels for comic book fans:

The Guide: Overstreet’s 50th Anniversary (more of a “fan community” panel)
Tribute to Dennis O’Neil (remembering a comics legend)
Jim Lee’s X-Men Artist Edition Panel (skip to 23:30 for the must-see part with Lee)
Fantagraphics and IDW: Classic Comics Reprints (fascinating for those who want to learn more about the early history of the comics art form)
Dune Publishing Panel: Highly recommended for fans of the Dune novels.

More detailed information/reviews/links can be found below.

As I mention every day, I’m not sure how long these will be viewable for free.  I’m guessing at least through the weekend and into next week, but I wouldn’t wait several weeks to watch any of these that you want to make sure you catch.

Sat 10am: The Guide: Overstreet’s 50th Anniversary


Panel Description: Gemstone Publishing president and CEO Steve Geppi,’s Buddy Saunders, Comics Buyer’s Guide veteran Maggie Thompson, CBCS Primary Grader Steve Borock, and Gemstone’s Mark Huesman celebrate Bob Overstreet and five decades of The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide. Moderated by Gemstone’s J.C. Vaughn.

This panel was more about the comic book collecting community than about the prices and values of comic books. Lots of comics industry old-timers on this panel with centuries of comic book knowledge/experience.  My thoughts on price guides track with what Maggie Thompson said… basically wanting to know what series and what issues existed and having a basic idea of value so as to not be “cheated” by paying way too much with a dealer who had super-high prices.

It’s also nice to note that Bob Overstreet was a collector, not a dealer, so there was an element of fan advocacy involved in his collecting prices as opposed to if a dealer who was in the business of making money selling comics was putting together a guide.

It was also fun to hear Buddy Saunders (Lone Star Comics, talk about comics since I buy so many comics from him online and have for many years.  He advertised in the very first Overstreet and has been selling comics longer than I’ve been alive!

I’d also recommend that fans listen to Steve Geppi’s talk about the “value” of relatively non-collectible comics about 29 minutes in.

RECOMMENDED?  10/10.  Whether you read or care about the Price Guide at all, I would recommend this panel to any fan/collector just to hear all these panelists talking about their passion for comics.

Sat 11am: The Official Dune Publishing Panel


Panel Description: Bestselling science fiction authors Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson discuss the exciting new Dune graphic novels, comics, and original novels coming out this fall. Joined by their editors, Herbert and Anderson will discuss content from their past and upcoming projects, including Frank Herbert’s masterpiece Dune (Ace) with senior editor Jessica Wade, the graphic novel adaptation of Frank Herbert’s masterpiece, Dune: The Graphic Novel, Book 1 (Abrams ComicArts), with editor Charlotte Greenbaum, the prequel trilogy of books beginning with Dune: House Atreides (Del Rey), with executive editor Anne Groell, the prequel comic series Dune: House Atreides (BOOM! Studios) with company CEO & founder Ross Richie, and Dune: The Duke of Caladan (TOR), with editor Christopher Morgan.

The first 10 minutes is some intro and talk about the latest printings of the prose novels.  If you are mostly interested in the upcoming Graphic Novel adaptations from Abrams Comic Arts you can skip forward to about the 10:15 point.  Bill Sienkiewicz will be doing the covers for the GN adaptations, with 3 GNs for each of the 1st 3 Dune novels (because they are so darn huge).

Around 15 minutes in they talk about the reissue of the “House” prequels (from around 1999) in prose form.  I must say that I’m not crazy about ANY of the new prose novel cover designs that the book people are so excited about.  You can skip to 23 minutes in to hear Ross Richie talk about the BOOM! adaptation of the 1st prequel novel “House Atreides”.

I’m a big fan of Herbert’s original Dune trilogy and I’m looking forward to reading the GN adaptation.  I’ve never read the prequels, but they intrigue me, I’ll definitely be checking out BOOM!’s House Atreides series.


Sat 11:30am: Last Gasp: 50 Years of Publishing Underground Comix Part II – Lowbrow Art, 1996-2020 (originally aired Sat @ 10am)


Panel Description: Ron Turner (founder and publisher, Last Gasp), Ron English (PoPaganda, Abject Expressionism), Robert Williams (Through Prehensile Eyes, Zap Comix), Camille Rose Garcia (Tragic Kingdom, Saddest Place on Earth), Andrea Harris (fmr director, Grand Central Art Center), Jon B. Cooke (The Book of Weirdo), Attaboy (Hi-Fructose magazine), and Colin Turner (associate publisher, Last Gasp) discuss the history of Last Gasp, from the 1990s and the rise of lowbrow art through present day and current projects.

This panel was mostly not my cup of tea but might be right up the alley of others.  The majority of the panel was focused on “lowbrow art” and not comics (which, to be fair, was right in the name of the panel).  There’s a bit on some comics about 38 minutes in.

RECOMMENDED?  6/10.  For me.  For someone into this kind of art this could easily be a 10/10.

Sat Noon: Jim Lee’s X-Men Artist Edition Spotlight


Panel Description: Get the inside scoop on IDW Publishing’s newest Artist Edition books, including one featuring one of the most popular comic book artists of all time, Jim Lee! Scott Dunbier (IDW, director of special projects) and Dirk Wood (IDW, senior vice president integrated marketing) join Scott Williams (artist, inker) for a discussion about this very special Artist’s Edition featuring Jim Lee’s stellar work on X-Men and more stellar Artist Editions coming this year.

The panel started out talking about some other IDW projects:
The Dave Cockrum X-Men Artifact Edition (out now)
The upcoming Michael Golden Micronauts Artist’s Edition
The upcoming EC Covers Artifact Edition

A new edition of the Darwyn Cooke Parker Martini Edition with over 100 pages of new art & sketches

Even though not announced as a panel member, Jim Lee pops on around 23:30 and the panel ends up being a talk with him from the next 20 minutes about how he got into comics, and his artistic “origin”, which was fascinating.


Sat 2pm: Tribute to Dennis O’Neil: Beyond Batman (originally aired Sat @ 1pm)


Panel Description: Born the same spring when Batman debuted, Dennis O’Neil would take Batman back to his darker roots and weave humanity and social consciousness into the adventures of Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Iron Man, and many more. This legendary comic book writer and editor collaborated with and guided countless others as mentor, hero, and friend. Dr. Travis Langley (Batman and Psychology; The Joker Psychology) moderates a super team who have come together to share remembrances, lessons learned, and an endless appreciation for Denny, who was truly one of the greats: Jo Duffy (Power Man and Iron Fist), Danny Fingeroth (A Marvelous Life: The Amazing Story of Stan Lee), Mike Gold (ArrogantMGMS), Larry Hama (Dark Horse), Joe Illidge (Heavy Metal), Charles Kochman (Abrams ComicArts), Paul Levitz (former publisher, DC Comics), and Michael Uslan (executive producer, Batman/The Dark Knight films).

We lost comics legend Denny O’Neil on June 11th

His friends and colleagues share some great remembrances about him, favorite interactions with him and favorite stories he told.  This panel is a great listen for any fan of his work who wants to learn more about the man behind the storytelling.

For me he wrote a run that I personally think of as key for a number of characters:
Batman (creating Ra’s al Ghul)


Green Lantern/Green Arrow team (Hard Traveling Heroes)

Iron Man (creating Obadiah Stane)

The Question


Sat 3pm: Future of Humanoids


Panel Description:Mark Waid, newly established publisher of Humanoids, chats with Omni writer Melody Cooper, MPLS Sound writer Joseph P. Illidge, MPLS Sound artist Meredith Laxton, and writer/artist Ibrahim Moustafa about the ever-expanding vision and future of Humanoids. Moderated by Karama Horne.

I really like that Humanoids is offering such a diverse line of comics and graphic albums.  Mark Waid pointed out that doing an initial push with The Incal & Metabarons (called the ‘Jodoverse’ after creator Alejandro Jodorowsky) made sense because of the name recognition of these properties that include art by Moebius.  I had tried out the H1 “shared Universe” comics and most didn’t really click with me, but I thought they were well written and had decent art, so they could easily be a favorite of someone else.  The projects that really had me excited were from their “Life Drawn” line, in particular “Twilight Man” about Rod Serling and the bio comic about Hedy Lamarr (known as an actress but she was also an inventor who came up with a frequency hopping spread spectrum technique for radio-controlled torpedoes what has since been incorporated into modern Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology.


Sat 4pm: Adrian Tomine Spotlight Panel


Panel Description: Adrian Tomine is one of the most important voices of the graphic novel age. His new memoir, The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Cartoonist, traces a lifetime of making comics punctuated by chaotic book tours, disastrous interviews, and cringe-inducing interactions with other artists. It is uproariously funny and poignant and sure to be one of the graphic novels of the year. Malaka Gharib (cartoonist of I Was Their American Dream) speaks to Tomine about identity, fame, and the joy of drawing.

Adrian Tomine:

I’ve been a fan of Adrian’s for a long time (I first discovered his work in his comic book Optic Nerve) and have never heard him speak before.  It was a treat to listen to him chat with Malaka about their work and artistic process.  I need to get my hands on the collection of all his work from the New Yorker magazine, that will all be “new to me”.


Sat 5pm: Dark Horse All-Stars (originally aired Sat @ Noon)


Panel Description: Three of the industry’s best creators including Gerard Way (co-creator of The Umbrella Academy) Nnedi Okorafor (co-creator of LaGuardia), and Matt Kindt (co-creator of BANG!) gather for a roundtable discussion about characters, the writing process, and the joys of creating. Moderated by Anthony Mauro.

Loved hearing the “secret origin” of how they got into loving comics for all these creators… particularly Gerard Way and Matt Kindt.  It was cool to learn the Kindt is a Doc Savage fan (as am I).  As a result of this panel I’m going to be checking out Nnedi Okorafor’s LaGuardia, which was the only series by these panelists that I wasn’t already reading…  the others being Bang! By Matt Kindt & Umbrella Academy by Gerard Way.


Sat 6pm: Ahoy Comics: Expect More!


Panel Description: Ahoy Comics has burst on the scene with acclaimed creators, smart satires, and a commitment to publishing fun and eclectic storytelling. Join editor-in-chief Tom Peyer, artists June Brigman and Steve Pugh, and writers Mariah McCourt, Stuart Moore, and Mark Russell for this panel discussion. Will Jesus return (again) with all-new Second Coming comics? Is there any escape from Billionaire Island? Why don’t all comics feature old ladies saving the world, like Ash & Thorn? Will Ahoy continue to publish funny comic books in these dark times? Get the answers straight from the brain trust of Ahoy Comics in this intimate, pre-recorded, virtual panel.

I like learning about the offerings from smaller publishers that may not be featured “on the rack” at every local comic shop so I can pre-order things that seem interesting to me.  Ahoy falls into this category.  I had previously sampled Second Coming & Wrong Earth, both of which I enjoyed.  I had previously sampled Captain Ginger and Billionaire Island, both of which were well done but not my cup of tea.  This panel exposed me to Ash & Thorn, which sounds like a lot of fun, and I’m going to be giving the 1st couple of issues a try.  This panel is well worth listening to if you’re unfamiliar with Ahoy Comics, maybe you’ll hear about something that seems fun/interesting/exciting to you and give it a shot.


Sat 7pm: Fantagraphics and IDW: Classic Comics Reprints (originally aired Sat @ 6pm)


Panel Description: Classic comic reprints give readers of all ages a chance to read comic classics in new and exciting ways. Join moderator Karen Green (curator for comics and cartoons, Columbia University’s Rare Book & Manuscript Library) and panelists Dean Mullaney (The Library of American Comics creative director), Peter Maresca (founder and publisher of Sunday Press), and Eric Reynolds (Fantagraphics associate publisher) for a celebration of comic classics.

I loved learning more about the history of these comic strip collections, and what the panelists had to go through to collect some of the material.  Their dedication to the art form is appreciated, they’re truly helping preserve a chunk of American history.   The talk about strips that I’m a HUGE fan of and have extensive collections of (Prince Valiant, Little Nemo, & The Spirit) some I have a few collected editions of (Dick Tracy, Pogo, Little Orphan Annie), and some strips I have never read but have heard of (Krazy Kat, Gasoline Alley) that I’m now going to make an attempt to sample.  They also named and reverently discussed some strips I have never really heard of in my life (Little Joe, Jimmy Swinnerton)

Dean Mullaney pointed out that he does not see a next generation of people/publishers who have any desire to reprint/preserve any of this material, so whatever they don’t get to may just fade away.

At one point they admitted that most of their fan base were either REALLY old or else scholars of the comics art form and thus interested in these things for their historical value/significance.


from Storyboards Episode 5: Joe Quesada & Margaret Stohl

Sat 8pm: Marvel’s Storyboards (originally aired Thurs @ 11am)

Watch When Available:

Panel Description: Marvel executive VP, creative director Joe Quesada shares an inside look at his new docu-series, Marvel’s Storyboards. In conversation with Marvel VP of content Stephen Wacker, Joe highlights how the personal and the professional intersect in his own life, and in those of the show’s guests: an A-list mix of storytellers across comics, theatre, film, and more.

This panel is essentially this year’s “Cup of Joe” panel that usually focuses on a Q&A with Joe Quesada.  Since there was no live audience, Steve Wacker and Joe trade zingers with one another while talking about Joe’s new docu-series that has thankfully (for non-subscribers) been moved from Disney+ to and the Marvel YouTube Channel… you can find the 1st episode with Hugh Jackman here: )

The premise of the series is for Joe to get to know and interview various people (some from comics, but mostly actors/famous people) by engaging in a variety of interesting activities with them.  Episode 5 with “Life of Captain Marvel” writer Margaret Stohl (see picture above) sounded very entertaining to me as they discussed it.  Here is the line-up of guests for the 1st 6 episodes….
Thursday, July 23: Episode 1 feat. Hugh Jackman

Thursday, July 30: Episode 2 feat. Natalia Cordova-Buckley

Thursday, August 6: Episode 3 feat. Christian Borle

Thursday, August 13: Episode 4 feat. Johnny Weir

Thursday, August 20: Episode 5 feat. Margaret Stohl

Thursday, August 27: Episode 6 feat. Robert Lopez


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